Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flower Power

Had a fun weekend, and today I went to the track to watch my Step Sister Monica race her bike. Took some pictures, but nothing to write home about. a) it takes practice getting pics of someone going 150mph or greater, b) I lack the proper equipment [a fast zoom lens] c) I just wasn't able to get a good spot optimal for shooting. I guess I'll leave that one for the guys who's primary profession is such, and they have probably invested thousands of dollars on a single lens for this purpose. The do a fantastic job! Afterwords, I went to Mom's house for dinner. We walked over to see her neighbor, and I got some fantastic flower shots in her yard. I also found this great bee hive! It was pretty cool looking, but I am very allergic to bees, so that was a little scary! I only walked over w/one lens, I should grabbed my zoom so I could get a better shot and stay far away. Well, the shot below is good enough. Funny, because 'good enough' is NEVER good enough for me...BUT IT WAS THIS TIME!

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