Thursday, September 3, 2009

Editors Pick ~ Northwest Landscape Photographer

So today I am pretty excited! I try to be enrolled in a class at all times. This pushes me to get out there and get creative. My last course was developing your creative artistic vision...and it was awesome. Well, with Better Photo (who I've taken courses through) there is a monthly photo contest. What the heck I thought... So I submitted a photo. There is something about this photo that I love, hopefully someone else will too. That was two days ago. Today, I went online and for some reason clicked on that photo, and underneath it was a 'editors pick'. This is so exciting. When you enter a photo, first thing the judges go through and eliminate photos that don't work for them. Then they can go through and pick pictures that they find visually appealing. This means my entry moved from round 1 of the judging. Yeah! That was something to smile about for me. :)

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