Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Started!

Well, this is the start of my blogging. Really just getting started with my business, and haven't really "advertised" yet. At this point, only a few people know what I have started. I will soon be unveiling my website to all! So most of you who know me, know that when I decide to do something I dive into it "head first". This has been no exception. I can't believe what I have accomplished in 1 month! Within a day after I decided that it was time to take my passion and make it a profession, I got my business license and got my website set up.

Within a few days after that, I convinced a couple of friends that they too needed websites. I changed the look of Jason's business website, and am waiting on him to get me some more current info so we can complete that! I am also in the process of working on another website. It is ready when my clients are. They just have some information to get me and they'll be set.

I purchased a new 2.8 lens, and that was very exciting to me. I have to tell you, I really love that lens! The day I recieved that lens, I went to do a soccer team photo shoot, and it was fun. It didn't go as I had planned, as it was an "outdoor" shoot, but since it had snowed that day, we moved into the gym. Ugh, the dreaded gym lighting. I felt horrible that I wasn't prepared for an indoor shoot, and didn't have lighting. Not to mention, due to the freezing cold weather, my speedlight wasn't wanting to recharge in a timely manner. Thank God for having that lens. That was my saving grace. The pics still didn't turn out how I would have liked...but then again maybe I am my own worst critic. My friend (the coach) thought they were just fine. Well, my goal was to do more natural light photography, but I recongnize that I need to be prepared for every situation. Two days later I purchased my lighting equipment. Well, there is lots more I want, but I feel I have what I need to do a great job.

Putting together pricing was my biggest hurdle. I wanted to be fair to myself, and I wanted to be reasonable for my clients. I now have several options available for my photo clients. It is hard to compete with places that do the quick in-studio "in and out" type of photography as far as pricing goes, but I am confident that people will appreciate the difference in my style and the ability to capture the true personality in each and every client I shoot, and recognize the value in that! I have still been working on my web design pricing, but it's all coming along.

We have also been working hard getting my office and studio ready. Talk about some major changes! We have pretty much taken everything out of the rec room downstairs, and it is going to be a great studio when Jason is done! The painting is complete, and he has finished the crown and trim. Now we just have to put that up. Then we're taking all the doors off, so he can get the new doors machined.

When I look back, I just can't believe how much I have accomplished in ONE MONTH! Well, this was a long first blog, but just wanted to get you all updated! I am now looking forward to being finished with the start up, and moving on to what I really love.

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