Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dad's 60th Birthday

This is a little long, but I gotta tell the story of how perfect the day went! So we had Dad's 60th Birthday party at my house on Sunday. It was a surprise party, and everything worked out great! My family, my brothers family, Dad and Grandma all gathered at 1 for lunch. I made a pot roast...Dad likes meat and taters ya know! After grumbling about having to drive to Lake Tapps from Bothell, he enjoyed spending time with his family and was happy with his birthday meal. Everybody else was to arrive at 3, and I figured after the first person showed up, I would put out the appetizers and beverages. At 2:45 he just happened to go downstairs and the kids kept him busy in our newly finished theater room. PERFECT! So my brother took Grandma down stairs as well, (that was a sure way to keep him down there as he thought I was just up doing dishes!) Slowly people started to arrive, and I had them stand back in the family room so he wouldn't see them when he came up. When we were ready, the grandkids told Pa it was time to come up for cake. When he came up all he could see was me with my camera (not unusual) standing by the cake. Then he looked and saw all the guests. I couldn't believe how perfect it worked out, and how surprised and happy he was. He was just bummed "his bride" (My step-mom Patty) couldn't be there. Little did he know, she was coming later. Once again, he went downstairs, this time to show a friend our theater room. At this point Patty and two more friends arrived. We had the three of them stand over in the living room where the first guests stood, and once again the kids told Pa it was time for cake. Same as before, he came up and saw me with the camera. This time he didn't look over though (he thought everybody was already there) He walked up to the counter by the cake and got his "birthday song" started, at which point they joined him with his singing. He heard Patty's voice and looked over and I think he was shocked that we managed to surprise him once again. It was great to see that he was so happy to be surrounded by all of his good friends and family. Here are a few of the pics from the party.

A quiet lunch with the family
Grandma, Me and my Brother Kirk
My girls
A few of the people waiting in the living room.
Dad coming up, and peeks over and sees everybody.
He's so surprised... he thought it was just lunch.
Making his way around the room to great each guest.
Telling us all how great it is to have everybody here to celebrate
Not knowing we have another surprise...this is where he walks up to the counter and starts his birthday song waiting for us to light the candles.
Shoot...my flash didn't fire, but check out the surprise in his face after he hears Patty's voice.
Patty, Terry and Margo SURPRISE
Sarah made his favorite cake ~ German Chocolate.
He's made his wish...
But I've never seen anybody put the candles out this way.
Opening his cards and Presents.

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