Sunday, December 27, 2009

DVD Slideshow / Video Montage

So, the Holiday's are winding down, and we come upon a new year.  I've been busy.  Did I mention I'm not a good blogger?  Ok, well here I am, and I know it's been a while! 

This last month and a half, I've had a couple of photo shoots for Christmas Gifts...a photo book order, a few greeting card orders, worked in the Santa Booth at Victorian Country Christmas (not as photographer, but using my eye for cropping and printing pictures), and I've done a few DVD Slideshows! Two short ones, and one 30 minute one for a 40th Birthday Surprise!

This is what I wanted to tell you about today, DVD Slideshows!  What length can they be?  I've made slideshows from 3 minutes up to 50 minutes.  I have a couple of short examples here:

You can set an appointment to see examples of longer ones.  No matter what the occasion, a gift to a loved one, a Wedding, a special Birthday, a Graduation, or a Memorial Service.  Whatever the occasion is, this is perfect to show a moment in time or a lifetime.  Slideshows spark so much emotion.  It can be serious and loving or fun and playful!  It can also be ALL...wrapped into one. 

No slideshow is the same, each one is custom tailored for you, with music and custom animations.

I can use photos from a session with me, your digital images and your printed images.  I can scan them to digital files and touch them up, or you can scan them and give them to me.

Don't delay!  Order your slideshow TODAY!