Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Urban Session | Senior Session | Photo Fun Booth and some downtime....

I won't pretend as if I'm a wonderful blogger, since it is appearant that I am NOT! I did however commit to myself to begin blogging MORE.  Since my last post, it's been rather eventful, I did the Urban Session and got some great shots of 5 awesome girls! Photos will be posted to the blog soon, but you can see nearly 200 on facebook now.  www.facebook.com/AyersPhotographyDesign

The day after, I did a Senior Rep session with Marissa from Spanaway Lake High School (Class of 2012) Those will also be posted on the Blog soon too!

Then I had a whole week of downtime. I mean literally DOWN. Sitting at a 30 degree angle. I had sinus surgery last week, so that allowed me time to edit, time to fall asleep with my laptop on my lap, and time to work on new things being offered by AP&D. Namely... The Photo Fun Booth!

That is what I really wanted to blog about is the Fun Booth. It started out as just an idea. My husband had seen something similar, and was like "I can do that....Honey, we should do this!" So as a fundraiser for a senior rep, we did a little one. A friend saw photos, and she wanted it for her daughters birthday party. This month I have two booked in one weekend, and then the big event (our daughters 8th grade graduation dance) I am SO excited that this is growing into it's own animal. We are getting printers (tomorrow hopefully). Still trying to decide which printers to get. Thinking about a tent, so we can to photo booths outside, we have special business cards for the fun booth, and a cool banner too! Stay tuned for more exciting info, or in the meantime, if you wanna book just get in touch!  kristie@kristieayers.com

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